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Divine intercession

In 1905 the Blessed Mother wanted to once more confirm her motherly concern toward our poor people. So, between December 3-19, and again on December 30 and 31, her miraculous Icon once again shed tears for the third time. It was once more witnessed by a great number of the people, including many priests of both Rites. Informed about a new weeping of the Blessed Mother, Bishop Julius Firczak of Mukachevo ( 1891-1912) immediately sent a Special Commission to Mariapovch headed by our famous liturgist, Canon Alexander Mikita. The Commission started its work on January 2, 1906.

The numerous witnesses of both Rites, including even some Protestans, came forward to testify, but the Commission heard only 60 of them. The Icon first was taken out of the iconostasis and inspected by three experts, who unanimously agreed thet there was no fraud involved. Then 57 witnesses testified under oath that they saw with their own eyes the Icon of the Blessed Mother shed profuse tears.

The Episcopal Commission ended its investigation on January 12, 1906, when it issued an official statement, saying that the shedding of tears was miraculous and should be ascribed to divine intervention. The statement was read before the Icon by Canon A. Mikita during the Akathistos services, after which he delivered a moving sermon about the omnipotence of God and about the great love of the Blessed Mother toward our people.

No wonder our Ruthenian people responded with such a great love toward the Blessed Mother and came from all corners of the vast Mukachevo eparchy to venerate Her miraculous Icon in Mariapovch, through which the “Mother of the Ruthenian land” showed Her mother love and compassion toward our people in a visible manner.

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